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Jewelry Retailers Encouraged To Follow The Money


Jewelry retailers encouraged to follow the money

Exhibit 11-6: Population of persons ages 50 to 64 (2000-2020)

Population of Persons ages 50 to 64.png

Source: U.S Population Projections, OECD database, Equity Communications

Exhibit 11-7: Income generated by ages 55 to 64 (1993-2013)

Income generated by ages 55 to 64.png

Source: Equity Communications, Analysis of U.S Census Bureau Data

We cannot argue with demographics. The population of people ages 50 to 64 will increase by 50 percent
from 42.2 million in 2000 to 63.2 million in 2020. Baby boomers are on the move.

If these cohorts were massive for sales of marriage jewelry in the 1980s, they can also be massive for sales of jewelry to celebrate special events such as milestone anniversaries and birthdays. With proper promotion and marketing, sales of milestone jewelry could rival sales of engagement rings until at least 2025

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