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Marriage Formation and Jewelry Consumption


+30% of jewelry sales by value

Marriage Formation and Jewelry Consumption (Section Links)

Is Marriage Slowly Going Out Of Fashion

“The increasing number of single, never married Americans shrinks the size of the customer base for marriage jewelry”

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Basics of the Marriage Market

“Most people eventually do get married at least once in a life time”

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Marriage for the most part is still about men

“The economic situation for men has an important effect on marriage formation”

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Aspirations About Living Standards Among Young Adults

Aspirations about living standards among young adults

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Employment is Important for Marriages

“No marriages for unemployed men”

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Level of Educational Attainment is Important for Marriage

Exhibit 1-7: Sustainable marriage favors the highly educated

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Race Matters

“The pace of marriage formation varies by race”

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Marriage trends are important for jewelry sales. Depending on classification of purchase triggers, the marriage-related segment accounts for 30 percent of all jewelry sales by value.

"The vibrancy of marriage formations in the adult population:

-----Positive for symbol jewelry purchases - engagement rings, wedding rings, anniversary jewelry,

-----Positive for adornment jewelry purchases - wedding day jewelry for the bridal party and fine jewelry gifts which husbands buy for their wives other than for anniversaries"

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