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Employment is Important for Marriages


“No marriages for unemployed men”

Employment is important for marriages

Exhibit 1-6: What women want in a husband?

Exhibit 1-6: What women want in a husband?

Suggested market study questions for jewelry retailers:

1. How many men are employed in my market?

2. What is the employment rate for men in my market?

3. What is the median income for men in my market?

4. What is the poverty level in my market?



The availability of employed men and men with earnings above the poverty level has a positive effect on the likelihood of marriage formation.

Likelihood of marriage formations increases with:

- single men who have been employed longer

- single men who have not faced difficulties findings jobs


Probability of not getting married in the next year increases with:

- Not working throughout the year - greatest negative impact

- part-time employment - more negative impact

- full-time employment but part of year - negative for marriage formation

The thinking behind it:

Women associate joblessness with poor marriage risk:

- sign of career immaturity and uncertainty about the person's long-term prospects

- sign of difficulty to enter labor market


People in entry-level service jobs most vulnerable and most unlikely to marry in current year and following year:

- Fast-food workers, some retail sales persons, unskilled blue-collar workers and other low-skilled service workers


Other suggested market study questions:

1. What is the employment rate of women in my market?

2. What is the employment ratio of women to men in my market?



- higher numbers of employed single women versus employed single men reduces the pool of eligible bachelors

Employed women have higher standards of minimally acceptable living levels for setting up a marital household.

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