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Widespread Use of Birth Control Technology Has Transformed Sexual Habits of Humans


Widespread use of birth-control technology has transformed sexual habits of humans

Impact: It is no longer that scandalous to have sex while you are not married. People no longer have to get married young in order to have sex

Industrialization and technological advancement led to the introduction of superior methods of birth-control that have revolutionized the sexual habits of human-beings. Before the sexual revolution of the 1960s, the prospect of unmarried motherhood (bad for a young woman's social standing) and forced marriages (bad for a young man not ready for marriage) would deter unmarried people from participating in sex in the absence of birth control.

The advent of better birth-control options has reduced the gains of marriage by raising the sexual activity rates of unmarried people. Sex is a basic human need and access to better birth control technology for single individuals has raised the value of single life.

Exhibit 2-4: Median age at first marriage shifted from trend after legalization of birth-control

Age at First Marriage USA.png

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, March and Annual Social and Economic Supplements, 2013 and earlier.

Exhibit 2-5: Median age at first marriage moves further away from median age at first sexual intercourse

Sexual initiation by single year of age, Women and Men born 1984 -1993

More than 74 percent of Americans have experienced sexual intercourse by their twentieth birthday.

Conversely, less than 4 percent of Americans are married by their twentieth birthday.

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